sung by bees

focus on the honey not the sting…

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Life in the burbs.

So today, once again, we heard from our rental company that our neighbor filed a complaint about us. This time it was noise. My hubby has the game Rocksmith that he likes to play to unwind after work. It is a really cool guitar learning concept game much like Guitar Hero but you use a real guitar (or in his case bass). His bass playing has improved immensely and he is also able to play away the stress he tends to carry home with him each day. I also like it because it’s non violent so there are no worries about little kiddo seeing bad stuff AND it fills the house with music which I greatly prefer over television.

Now keep in mind we have a two year old so he isn’t shaking the windows with volume. The houses here are mostly rentals and they are not thick walled so yes, you can hear the music if you are standing outside. He always turns it off by 9PM as the 14 year old goes to bed at that time.

During the day I can hear this same neighbor’s husband playing banjo. Not once did I ever think to call the HOA on HIM!

Every time there is a “complaint” against us it’s from her. Last year we had Christmas lights up on our back deck on January 3rd…. She called on us. Other neighbors had lights up but we got the HOA letter. In the Summer, during the drought, our grass turned brown…we are the only ones that got a letter even tough the whole block of lawns looked like hell.

And people wonder why I wanna live far away from other people.

We are not trashy. I keep a nice yard, our cars are newer, our kids well behaved, and our dog never barks. She has hated us from day one. Maybe it’s my husbands scary beard and the Harley he rode in on. Maybe it’s all my tattoos. I have no clue.

 The most annoying thing is I let her get me all pissed off. I have mentioned before I cannot cook dinner when I am angry. At least the chicken was good. Sorry family about all the failed bland side dishes!!

I don’t even know the point of this post. Here I haven’t blogged in a week and now I am ranting. Haha oh well, I feel better for it. Hubby and I were laughing at how we have mellowed in our old age. Had we been our wild 20′s she would have a brick thru her damn window. Now I just stew for a bit and get on with my day…and rant a bit.

Counting my blessings and pitying my neighbor, a person that is so unhappy they have to do everything in their power to make others unhappy.Hell maybe she thinks we are the Clopecks…

Live and let live folks .Karma is a bitch.



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Thundersnow dippin dots.

Happy Thursday! Lordy I haven’t posted all week. The weather has been lovely and I have been working hard on the yard getting ready for real Spring. I think garden prep must really clear my head because by the end of the day I don’t have much to say.

This week too I have pretty much cooked stuff I have already posted about or nothing that really has a recipe attached to it. Last night was super simple uncured bacon that I then cooked kale, onion and carrots in the grease and served over rice. My little guy is cutting more molars on top of dealing with allergies from being out in the wind and the dust for a few days so he was way too clingy to do any cooking that required lots of prep or kitchen time.

I brought my hula hoop outside to use for the first time since I got it at Christmas. Wanna make friends? Go outside with a hula hoop! Four people stopped to chat while walking their dogs. One gal even gave it a go. I think I will go buy a non weighted one for new folks o try as 3lbs beats you up a bit the first time you use it. She was grinning ear to ear tho. I have mentioned doing childhood activities as an adult before. I stand by that. so many of us were in this big freakin hurry to grow up only to realize it isn’t much fun. Freedom was what most of us were seeking but we gave up that freedom of spirit to get it. You are an adult you have the right to get some fun back in your life.

Sometimes having fun is just making sure to embrace silliness and opportunity as it happens. Last night was an example. We were inside kicking back after dinner when we heard thunder and what kind of sounded like hail. When we stepped outside we saw one of Colorado’s weird weather events…soft hail.

We call it Unflavored Denver Dippin’ Dots. If you have never seen real Dippin’ Dots here is a link … The dog had the most fun as he jumped around and tried to catch them all as they fell. Pure joy right there! It’s hard to watch that and not smile. We all played in it for a minute and took pictures. Random silliness is the best I think.

Today will be too chilly to be outside for long. My goal is to bake something yummy with my sunflower butter (will post recipe later), clean, and find time to play.

Find, create, or steal time for fun. You are an adult you are allowed!




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You are not listening but everyone else is.

Lordy today was not a big money making day at the chair (I do chair massage on Sundays). I spent most of my time reading and drawing and unintentionally listening to people talk to each other. Apparently Whole Foods is THE place for first dates for online dating folks as three separate couples came in and sat by my table for their date during my shift. As a married person I gave thanks at being way way past that awkward get to know each other stage. What stuck me as odd was that out of the three couples only one seemed balanced in their conversation. We will call them couple A. Couple B the woman spent the entire hour talking about her ex with the man constantly trying to redirect to other topics. Couple C the man talked constantly and it seemed like he would have been just as happy without his new lady friend even there. He talked FOREVER. Had I not had a client at the time she finally made excuses to leave I would have given her a free chair massage for having to endure listening to him.

Why is it that those that only talk and don’t listen are also the loudest speakers? As I sat there doodling I watched the other people around couple C constantly look in their direction as the man went on and on at volume about his kids, his past girlfriends, his job, etc. Not once did he asked the woman about herself. His only questions to her were worded in such a way that he was simply looking for agreement not opinion or input. I watched her go from physically open in her body language to folded up and looking ready to flee.

Couple B the guy was really trying to be in the conversation. His date wasn’t ready to be one in my opinion. Why people can’t grasp that they are more than past relationships and past mistakes is beyond me. Learn from it and let go. What do you like? What makes you happy? What are your dreams? You don’t have to share your deepest desires but lordy you have nothing more to offer than bashing on an ex? Creating a connection with others is an important part of being human. It’s not about hooking up or finding true love. It’s about seeing people as people who have a story, a soul, and something to offer. Not actively seeking that connection while you are talking to someone is a waste of time and energy and a wasted opportunity. 

It’s not just dating. What about the cashier at the grocery store or the gal makin your coffee? They are people with a story, a dream, a life that is as interesting as your own. Make eye contact. Say hello. Treat them like a friend. Like a person.

I know dating is hard. I remember. I think that is what drew me to my husband. We were set up on a blind date and he always came across as interested in what I had to say and was open with his thoughts but didn’t take command of the evening.

I was so happy to get clients today. That’s my time for connection (that and saying hi or smiling at everyone that walks by). When I wasn’t working I tried to tune the dating people out. For some reason these three couples kept pulling my attention and the attention of those around them. I figured there was a lesson there so I am sharing. It made me extra thankful for relationship I have. I know dating is hard but I think a lot of that is difficulty we create ourselves.

Talk less. Listen more.



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Happy Valentines day! We have been blessed with a warm, yet windy, day in Colorado today so of course we spent the day outside. Little dude and I did venture off to Home Depot to drop off our Bee Valentines and of course I forgot to talk a picture of little guy handing it to the cashier.

She looked at us like we were insane but we are used to that by now. We did spend money while there we picked up a new bird feeder. Dang squirrels tore apart my old one and my window feeder pops off the window every time the weather changes! Hopefully my neighbor wont complain to the HOA as I am now at my max for such things…we can only have three feeders/birdhouses in our yard. So now I have a two feeders and one birdhouse…ok two birdhouses but one is hidden so shhhhhhhhh. She turned me in for wind chimes so I gotta hang something on the hooks!

As we walked home carrying the birdfeeder my two year old called out repeatedly “here birds yoohooooo” no matter how many time I tried to explain they will only come to the feeder if it has food in it.

Walking with my child always makes me happy. You cannot be in a rush when walking with a two year old. It is the living embodiment of “stop and smell the roses” or in our case today stop and look at tracks in the mud…and every crack on the sidewalk, and pet every dog that goes by, and pick up every shiny object, and so on. When I walk alone or am pushing him in the stroller I gaze off into the distance. I pay more attention to the mountains and the sky than I do the ground under my feet. I look at where I am going not where I am. I walk for fitness. Today we wandered. We were on the path. We were in the mud. We sat on the bridge and listened to the snow melt flow by. We pointed and laughed and were amazed at the Winter world on a warm day.
Do you need a toddler to do this? Nope. Why not go out with a sketch book or a camera. Sit on the ground and see things from a different perspective. Get down to the ground and I bet your spirit will be lifted up.
Too many people seemed bummed out today from expectations of cards, flowers, and candy for Valentines day. I didn’t think much of it but I attribute that to hanging out with a kid that looks very similar to card store cupids.
Next time there is a holiday or a stressor getting you down go wander. See if looking at the world in a new way helps you look at what’s getting you down in a new way.


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Melting melting what a world!

Today as I watched my toddler dance under the cold drips of water coming from the upper deck I was reminded of the witch from the Wizard of Oz. Actually the whole movie became tossed about in my brain. The concept of we have everything we need within us is quite profound. As I watch my little ray of sunshine dance and laugh as each cold drip hits his now hatless head I wonder if the witch would have been ok with water had she had a more positive attitude.

I think that is an advantage I have over negative people right now. I have a toddler as a guide. Oh don’t get me wrong he gets frustrated and cranky at times but he just as quickly goes back to his happy-go-lucky self. As an adult I tend to dwell, worry, or procrastinate (to avoid facing stress) rather than live in the now. He hasn’t been taught that nonsense yet.

Is it easier to be cynical and unhappy? People tend to take the easier route in life, yet I think joy is much easier to obtain and hold on to. Maybe it’s just that I make it a habit to look on the bright side and see the blessings I am surrounded with. Maybe it’s because I traded my ruby slippers for Chuck Taylors a long time ago because I already know home when I see it.

As I was raking some potting soil I got off Freecycle onto one of my frozen garden beds (yes, I am trying to work on the yard the first day it’s in the 40′s haha) I notice my child is doing his Spring minded things as well.

So we look a little crazy. It’s alright. To me it’s part of positive thinking. The ground is frozen but it won’t be forever. I do what I can is the dreary days to welcome the sunny warm ones. I am here NOW, I know it’s February but I don’t see my yard activities as futile. Spring will get here eventually.

Inside I have seedlings sprouting. I repotted some of my houseplants and forced some bulbs. Outside the snow is melting melting MELTING! Oh what a world. The snow will come back a few more times in the next couple months and that is ok with me. I’m already home getting ready for Spring.



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Going bananas.

Today I was unexpectedly gifted an entire shopping bag full of bananas. I am not sure if this was my neighbor’s own RAK week gesture or if she was just seriously drowning in bananas. I got to know this neighbor via Freecycle. It’s funny because she lives around the corner from me but until we discovered each other on Freecycle we had not met in the two years we had been here. After repeatedly answering each others ads we finally just started skipping the middle man and email each other directly if we have stuff we are ready to get rid of. We are both gardening, craft, and baking nuts and neither of us seem to be able to pass up a good deal. Today she asked if I wanted a couple bananas because she had bought a case of them and didn’t have enough room in her freezer for all of them. Looking at this overflowing bag of bananas I think next time I will make sure she defines “a couple of” something.

Bananas are great to have so I will mash some to freeze, peel some to freeze, bake some and feed the rest of them to the family. Excessive amounts of ripe bananas and somewhat chilly weather call out for one thing…banana bread!

I like banana bread for a few reasons. 1. it’s super easy to make. 2. the toddler loves the stuff 3. it makes the house smell awesome 4. it uses up ripe bananas and the more ripe they are the sweeter the bread! and…


Banana bread is also pretty forgiving for gluten free flour. It won’t get as tall as “regular” banana bread but I don’t make food to look fancy I make it to eat.

Most people like homemade banana bread so it is another good gifting food for both Valentines Day and Random Acts of Kindness week!

Going Bananas Bread gluten free refined sugar free

3 ripe mashed bananas

1 TBSP cold butter diced

1 TBSP coconut oil use all coconut oil to make this dairy free

1 egg

1/4 cup honey

1 tsp. baking powder

2 tsp cinnamon

1 1/4 cup gluten free flour blend I have also used Pamala’s baking mix

mix the bananas, butter, coconut oil, honey and egg until just combined. You want to see flecks of the butter. Add the dry ingredients and stir in by hand until just mixed.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes until edges are golden.

*as always please remember I bake at 6000 feet in a moody oven so check your bread after about 25 minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn.



Have a great day! Make some banana bread and go get to know your neighbors.




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Thankful for tea.

I am under the weather probably brought on by being so totally over this weather. I can always feel it coming on and I counter attack as quickly as possible. Today I flooded my system with various herbal teas,water, and juice. Although I can tell I am dragging a bit I do feel better than I did when I first woke up. Stay at home moms like myself don’t get to call in sick. Toddlers don’t give you a day off.

Ha. On that note little guy needs mommy…short blog for tonight!

We did our kindness bits today…did you? Ours were simple. Flowers for the gal at the postal annex and I gave my extra 20% off coupon to a stranger at the thrift store.

Good night all…duty calls!




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